About Petite Infanterie

Welcome to our blog, welcome to Petite Infanterie

This blog is, a priori, impossible to classify.  Our philosophy can be summed up by "serious fun".  It is a heterogeneous mixture of “game” and “history”; “fiction” and “reality”.  The “us” refers to my brother and I.  We both share this hobby and it’s our work which is exposed on those pages.

Genesis of a passion

In 2004, I received an email from my brother with a hyperlink to a manufacturer's website of 1/32 figures.  Those “plastic men” were from the First World War. Immediately, the memories of our childhood resurface.  The epic battles fought in the sandbox in the back of the family home with "green men" were back alive.  The great adventure of Small Infantry begins!

Although originally made ​​the first purchases based on the theaters of WWI, our consuming passion for DIY quickly led us to evolve.   WWII was the beginning of mechanized warfare and it became our new playground.  What could be better than an endless list of guns, trucks and tanks ready to be scratched built out of wood by your humble servants?

In summary

If you have any interest in miniatures, wargaming, military history and strategy, you should appreciate our blog.  We apologize in advance for the quality of writing in English. Shakespeare’s language is not our mother tongue.  This being said, pictures are an universal language and our blog is full of them.  Enjoy!