Saturday, October 18, 2014

Russian 203 mm howitzer m1931


 The russian 203 mm howitzer  model B4.

The idea: built an 203  mm howitzer for the Petite Infanterie line-up

I knew the weapon but I hadn't any intend to actually built one until I found ..tracks! As you can notice, this gun is on caterpillars which is not common.  It's seems that only russian gun were mounted on a track chassis.  The reason?  The russian state factories had invested a lot in tractor production in the 1920s so to use tracks for a gun was an obvious choice

The "beast" on the field somewhere in Europe

203 mm howitzer m1931

Russian 203 mm heavy howitzer in a museum in Russia

The built: a scale model of the russian 203 mm howitzer 

The tracks on the gun come from a kit bought at a dollar store.  The backhoe kit was at the right scale and a used the tracks to built the gun.  Eventhough, I hadn't any scale drawing, the rest of the work was pretty easy to do.  I think the overal result is quite good.

203 mm howitzer m1931


203 mm howitzer m1931

203 mm howitzer m1931

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