Friday, September 2, 2016

A pioneer boat at 1/32

When a saw those hot dog containers in a dollar store, I immediately think of a kind of boat; a pioneer boat. 

I always love those discoveries; going through the aisle of the store and finding something new, something with a potential of becoming a new project.

The final result is a cool pioneer boat. 

The material needed is:

- Hot dog container

- Piece of bath mat
- Popsicle sticks
- Hot glue

Let's look at it at many angles

It offers a good protection on water because of the high broadside.  

I am sure Robert Redford caracter in "A bridge too far" would have appreciate my boat to cross the Waal river

The down side of that feature is that the boat is not totally at scale.  Between you and me, it would be difficult to row that kind of boat in real.  Anyhow, my army men already standardized it!


  1. Great use of recycling. The inflatables look very effective. Well Done!